NRG PROJECT EAST/WEST, INC. (“the Project”)is a community initiative formed in 2008 to present multiple “edu-tainment” (education/entertainment) initiatives through two (2) primary divisions:  NRG Project East (New York), NRG Project West (New Jersey).   Said initiatives target the Adult, Young Adult/Adolescent and school-aged Youth (Ages 21-35, 13-18 and 5 to 12, respectively) populations. The MusicWorks East_West project forms the Youth Subdivision of the Project. The core activities are to present and participate in concerts, choral competitions and related activities; to sponsor and participate in events that promote academic achievement, interdenominational fellowship among diverse religious institutions, civic responsibility and recreation, with an emphasis on youth/young adult participation.  The Project has several components that are age specific including the following:


NRG KID’S SPACE – AFTERSCHOOL©is the Afterschool component for school-aged youth up to and including age twelve (12).  Program participants are offered a range of services and activities which include but are not limited to:  community choir membership, homework helps, tutoring, performance arts and presentations, and other activities promoting civic responsibility, literacy, international and interdenominational fellowship

NRG KID’S SPACE – SUMMER©is the Summer Day Camp component of a joint venture involving the NRG Project East/West, Inc. and the New Renaissance Fellowship Church referred to as the “NRG/NRFC Project.”  Specifically, this initiative targets school-aged youth up to and including age twelve for its Summer Session offering the performance arts (music, dance), creative arts (arts & crafts, video, photography), “Hip-Hop Central,” recreation, day-trips and more.

“THE MWAKO COLLECTIVE.”  An extracurricular experience for adolescents ages twelve (12) to eighteen (18) in vocal and instrumental performance, coupled with instruction in the Afro-American historical journey and its implications for World History and the future.  This component is a youth-serving “edutainment” program that intertwines the aforementioned areas with a diverse menu of experiences rooted in local, national, and international citizenship and brotherhood.  The latter has an emphasis on literacy and academic excellence.  In practice its activities will include but not be limited to:  book exchange, pen-pal, PODCAST programming, and other innovative initiatives that promote the MWAKO COLLECTIVE and the NRG Project East/West Inc.’s base tenets.


“THE AJANI PROJECT” is a vocal ensemble for adults ages eighteen (18) and older.  It’s activities include presentation of seasonal concerts, civic events, family activities, fundraisers and more.

MUSICIAN’S COLLECTIVE is a conglomerate of musicians trained on various instruments joined for free-jam, instruction sessions, professional performance, fundraisers and other activities that enhance the skill and marketability of the Collective’s members.

The Project was founded by Everett L. Kilgo, who also serves as its Artistic Director.  Mr. Kilgo has a range of experience that includes but is not limited to lengthy experience in the performance arts as a musician and director, educator in NYC Public Schools, many years in the church settings as primary and associate music minister, and current experience in administrating training programs for adults.