Welcome to the Kamau Brotherhood’s (“the Brotherhood”) informational page.  Kamau is a Swahili term meaning “Quiet Warrior”.  Members of the Brotherhood are school-aged boys engaged in diverse activities designed to enhance their person-hood.  This initiative was born of a demonstration project required in the doctoral work of its Founding Director/CEO, Everett L. Kilgo.  Its core values extend from his research and are introduced by the following Challenge Statement:


“As Founding Director/CEO of the Kamau Brotherhood, in Brooklyn, New York, our mission remains devoted to nurturing self-esteem and personal excellence for urban youth.  Today’s worldview casts black boys as uneducated socioeconomic and emotional misfits, wreaking havoc on their self-image, and fomenting personal incompetency.  This project will conduct a peer-to-peer initiative engaging school-aged black boys in self- and peer-image exploration through photography, creative writing and communications toward igniting their potential.”


To kickoff the work of the Brotherhood, seven boys, ranging in age from 10-16 years old, were brought together forming the Inaugural Chapter of the Kamau Brotherhood @ Newman Memorial United Methodist Church, Brooklyn, New York.  They are now part of a demonstration project for the founder’s doctoral thesis at New York Theological Seminary, as well as pledges to the aforementioned chapter and faith-based ministry effort at Newman Memorial UMC going forward.  It is this gathering of black boys that will take part in this project identified by its name “Kamau Brotherhood:  Affirming the Humanity of Black Boys” and launched through this well-crafted Introit:

“Young brothers, you live in a world that does not value the person-hood of black people.  Our history is replete with examples of our expertise and lasting contributions to the world.  Yet there is a continual barrage of misinformation in various media formats meant to deride and derail our corporate personality.  For every story of failure, violence and killing that appears with great fanfare in print, television, social media and radio, there are untold stories of success, empowerment, and life-giving initiatives.  The powers-that-be have consciously decided that they will report the most salacious happenings possible that lend themselves to increased newspaper sales, corporate advertising and sponsorship, and in many instances, political gain.  The product of this practice is that black folk are forced to deal with a caustic atmosphere bent on dehumanizing them from the womb to the grave.  Yet, we are expected to be model citizens and extraordinary contributors to a world largely desiring that we remain “no people.”  This phenomenon has resulted, to some extent, in a state of arrested development among facets of our people, especially our youth,  This project, “Kamau Brotherhood:  Affirming the Humanity of Black Boys” is created to rejuvenate the self-esteem and ignite the full potential of school-aged black boys through self-identified initiatives designed to move its participants to next level thinking and achievement.”


What will the Brotherhood’s participants do as part of their growth initiative?  Program participants are known as “pledges.”  They are called such until they emerge as full “brothers.”  During the pledge period they commit themselves to personal, academic, religious, community and workforce activities that enhance their self-esteem and increase their personal competencies throughout adolescence to adulthood.

Becoming a part of the Kamau Brotherhood

The Brotherhood is open to other school-aged boys who are not members of Newman Memorial UMC.  Information on contacting its administration may be found below.

The Kamau Brotherhood

Mailing Address:

4 South Orange Avenue

South Orange, NJ 07079

Inaugural Chapter Address :

Newman Memorial UMC

257 Macon Street

Brooklyn, New York 11201

Contact Persons:

The Reverend Dr. Everett L. Kilgo, Founder | CEO

(888) 674-0043 | email: eastwestproject2015@gmail.com

Brother Jamell Myers | Mentor

Announcement:  Stay tuned for new chapters forming in the late Spring and early Summer 2019 currently slated for Harlem, New York and Newark, NJ, respectively.  



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