THE MWAKO COLLECTIVE.  An extracurricular experience for adolescents ages twelve (12) to eighteen (18) in vocal and instrumental performance, coupled with instruction in the Afro-American historical journey and its implications for World History and the future. This experience is a youth-serving “edutainment” program that intertwines the aforementioned areas with a diverse menu of experiences rooted in local, national, and international citizenship and brotherhood.  The latter has an emphasis on literacy and academic excellence.  In practice its activities will include but not be limited to:  book exchange, pen-pal, PODCAST programming, and other innovative initiatives that promote the MWAKO COLLECTIVE and the NRG Project East/West Inc.’s base tenets. The following is a summary of the program components:


Performance Arts In Education

    • Choral Instruction/Performance
    • Music Education
    • Dance & Movement (African/Modern)
  • Hip Hop Central
    • Video Review
    • Rhyme & Reason
    • To the Beat
  • Afro-American History & the World
    • The Beginning:  Africa the Motherland
    • Transatlantic Slave Trade
    • Life in America:  1600 – 1865
    • An African People: Post Civil War – World War II (1945)
    • The Civil Rights Movement: 1950 – 1960
    •  America at War:  Vietnam 1966 – 1972
    • Life In America II: 1972-1990’s
    • Turn of the Century ‘til the Present:  “Yes We Can”


  • Citizenship & World Relations
    • International exchanges in Culture, Education, Business & Religion
    • State of Education:  First World vs. Third World