“THE AJANI PROJECT” is a vocal ensemble formed of voices from New York City, greater Westchester County, and New Jersey.  Its name is an African term that means “the one who is victorious or triumphant.”  It’s membership consists of adults ages eighteen (18) and older.  Ajani is part of the the adult division in joint venture with the New Renaissance Fellowship; in whose space it makes its home.  It’s activities include presentation of seasonal concerts, civic events, family activities, fundraisers and more.  Members are solicited on a periodic basis, usually quarterly.  Ajani is a seasonal choir with late Fall, mid-Spring and Summer season events as its core activity.  The following represents the ensemble’s structural schedule:



Founder/Artistic Director

The Reverend Everett L. Kilgo, M.Div

Board of Directors

Elder J. Cordell Martin (P)           Kenneth Thornton (P)


Musicians’ Department

Musical Director:

Staff Musicians:                Musicians’ Collective


Teresa Powe                       Lisa Bethea

The AJANI Voices


Sopranos                                    Altos                                       Tenors

Doris Anderson (L)                   Teresa Powe                          Charles Davis

Linda Gilliam                               Arlethia Watkins (L)

Angela Colley (L)                       Jessica McBride (L)


(P)   Proposed Director            (L)  On Leave


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