While the Toronoto Mass Choir has been ministering for a number of years, this is my first introduction to their music ministry.  I give God praise for them.  They have blessed my spirit!  There are many choirs that have an admirable gift of performance.  Far too many of those, however, fall short around the ministry aspect.  Few have been able to maintain excellence in their presentation and its substance.  Prayerfully, there will be more to come!

As scripture affirms, God is looking for worshipers who will do so in spirit and in truth.  In that same spirit, the newly forming AJANI PROJECT is recruiting new singers and musicians on a ROLLING BASIS who are also worshipers.  We, at the NRG Project East West, Inc. invite you to allow yourself to “be found” by God worshiping as a part of this great ministry-to-be.  Here’s how you can become a part:

  • Click on this link for an application, download and complete it
  • Proceed to the full directions on how to move your application forward by clicking on this link for methods

It’s that simple!  We look forward to a mid- to late-May launch as we prepare for a more comprehensive coming out in the Summer 2015.  As the moment of Jesus’ departure neared he charged his disciples to go into all the world and preach the gospel.  In obedience to that command, we the present day disciples of Christ now take up that grand commission to spread the good news of the gospel-in-sing.  That’s AJANI!

Come, share and be blessed.


Everett L. Kilgo, Founder & Artistic Director


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